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Divorces often involve children, assets and liabilities. Even under the best circumstances, a divorce is highly stressful and each case comes with its own unique set of family circumstances.

When minor children are a part of the divorce suit, the conservatorship, possession, and support of the children are issues that require immediate attention and continued attention during the pendency of the suit. Rights and duties of parents to make decisions that affect their children, residence restrictions for a child's residence, possession periods between parents and their children, terms and conditions for possession periods, and child support are only some of the issues to be resolved either by agreement of the parents or if necessary, as contested litigation if the parents are unable to reach mutually acceptable arrangements.

Experienced Family Law Attorney in The Woodlands

When characterization or valuation of real estate, business interests, or other real or personal property are at issue, or tracing of separate property is necessary to protect separate assets, or the division of the marital estate is disputed, for more than 30 years our firm has worked with highly skilled appraisers, consultants, CPAs, and other professionals as may be necessary to create a customized team of experienced experts to meet your needs.

Each day across America, families must face problems like these and yet, there is one very important thing that can transform this traumatic event: working with the right divorce lawyer. At Spielvogel & Spielvogel, P.C., you will find compassionate, highly skilled attorneys who take time to listen to you and help you resolve those important matters surrounding your divorce.

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