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Child Support

Child Support

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The Texas legislature has consistently approved guidelines for the support of children residing in our state who are the subjects of family law suits. Those guidelines include but are not limited to, determining the needs of the children and the ability of each parent to contribute support to meet those needs. There are multiple factors to be considered while in the process of entering an initial child support order, or in modifying or enforcing that order, that you will have the opportunity to discuss with our firm. The best interests of children are always of primary concern to our courts, and the failure of a party to timely pay child support, without good cause, could very likely eventually result in an obligor's incarceration.

When a person obligated to pay child support is employed, the order to pay child support may be enforced by wage withholding orders being issued to the employer for withholding of sufficient earnings to pay the monthly child support obligation. If you are a person requesting child support to meet the needs of a child, or if you are a person who is or may be obligated to support a child and due to your current circumstances are finding it difficult or impossible to comply with the current order for support, contact our office to discuss options that may be available to you, temporarily or longer, to address those issues.

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Analyzing the needs of children and the ability of each parent to meet those needs necessitate reviewing sensitive personal family and financial records.  You can trust that Spielvogel & Spielvogel, P.C. will handle your family law matter with the professionalism and attention to details you deserve. Please call today to schedule a confidential appointment to discuss available options and best methods to resolve the financial needs of your minor children.

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